Hey you! You adventurous, out-of-the-ordinary couples!

Catching Light Photography, created by Sharlee Pymm, is established in the beautiful Pacific Northwest area of Portland, Oregon – but is available for travel anywhere in the World!

Sharlee hand-crafts adventurous elopements for couples who value exploration, the outdoors, and meaningful experiences – that reflect beautiful images of your love story.

She believes your wedding day should be enjoyable, authentic, and full of memories for an ever-lasting celebration.


Your wedding day will be the day you continue to celebrate every year – for a lifetime. I believe that your wedding day should be full of meaningful memories, experiences, and unique traditions that shine who you are as a couple. 

Because your wedding day should truly REFLECT who you are. It’s completely your CHOICE of WHERE you do, WHAT you do, and WHO you celebrate with. The choice is yours and I’ll be here to empower you every step of the way.

It’s about time weddings were AUTHENTICALLY YOU. 

HI-YA! I’m Sharlee!

I was born and raised in a small town of Eastern Idaho – where my love of the outdoors, National Parks, and photography sparked in my beautiful backyard. I now reside in Portland, Oregon with my husband, dog, and hedgehog. We have a very strong love for exploration and can find us constantly on the move for our next travel plans.

As an elopement photographer I’m so grateful that I get to document with such rad couples on their most special day of their life – in some of the most amazing locations on Earth. It is truly an honor!

Elopements have truly opened my eyes to how perfect and stress-free weddings can be (so COOL right?!) I seriously beam when couples choose this way to say “I do”!

Elopements are made for you to celebrate your marriage in anyway you WANT – and I can’t wait to catch that light that you and your love show.


Ever seen that “twinkle” in a person’s eye? That’s called a catch light.

Photographers seek this reflection of light in the subject’s eyes to make the people in the images feel more alive. I believe that every person, relationship, and create has this twinkle inside and I guide my photography to catch that! 

Even if you dread taking photos – I want you to know that the way I guide this photo experience will be completely different and represent who you truly are – a beautiful soul with the love of your life beside you. 

I will catch your light.

“Catching light” is truly about showcasing your special light and love story by providing authentic and meaningful adventures behind those images. Remember, this so much more than a photoshoot. This is your wedding day – a day you will cherish for a lifetime! You deserve this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

snowshoe on your wedding

Because I know that this light shines only when you can feel free to be yourself – I will create a personal and authentic wedding adventure for you to always remember. (Epic photos are just a perk). I want you to feel alive and full of light on your wedding day. This is truly what eloping is centered on. 

You deserve to having an experience catching light with your favorite human, scaling up a mountain or sleeping in a quaint forest – you deserve to be authentically you on your most important day as a couple. 

It’s time weddings were more than just photos. You deserve to have a stress-free and fun ADVENTURE that you will relive every time you cherish your images.

Because when it comes down to it – this day is more than just having beautiful images – it’s about how you FEEL on your wedding day.


I’m more than just your photographer!

The stress of planning your wedding can be overwhelming – not to mention the pressures you can feel from friends and family. I’ve been there! I want you to know that I’m here more than to just click the camera” – I’m also your wedding tour guide, creator, and new friend!

From the moment you decide to start your wedding adventure with me, we will be working side-by-side to ensure that I really know who you are as a couple. This is ensures that you have the perfect location, season, food, and activities that are TRULY TAILORED TO YOU – not to mention less stress too 😉

I want to empower you along the way to  to say “NO” to the traditional route of marriage – for YOUR way of saying “YES!”

I’m not only here to capture your unique experience, but to GUIDE you through it.

I also believe that your elopement photographer should be someone that you would want to be friends with! Because I’m not showing up JUST for some photos, I’m here to adventure, guide, and take care of all your needs for you wedding day! You shouldn’t have to worry about anything except soaking in beautiful moments with your favorite person.

I want to CONNECT with you.  I want to be your new best friend – I want to CELEBRATE with you. Because I know that if you feel connected and prioritized by a friend – that your entire elopement experience will be STRESS-FREE and FUN

This is really how I feel elopements should be valued and I’m so excited for your wedding journey! 

XOXO – Sharlee


After years of discovering my love for landscape photography and couple sessions – I transitioned to weddings, but something just didn’t spark passion for me. Then, my sister asked me to capture her intimate wedding.

I couldn’t believe that I was getting the HONOR to witness their marriage and capture the only images they will celebrate for years to come. Since that quaint and quiet ceremony in the forest – I knew what I needed to live for. 

Since then, I’ve ventured out to take my love for the outdoors, travel, and animals to be incorporated for couples weddings alike.

It’s my mission to give couples what they truly value for their wedding. 

I truly believe that it is the best way to make your wedding day truly about you TWO. The moments are cherished, not rushed. The photos are real, not posed. The day is an adventure, not a performance.

I’m here to empower you as a couple; to CHOOSE how to get married – to give you the OPTION of ditching the traditional way of weddings.

When you choose to elope, you’ll receive SO many benefits such as a unique adventure, raw emotions, freedom, and an authentic reflection of your love in your images. 

So whether it is driving next to the Pacific Ocean through Oregon or hiking up mountain in Switzerland, this is about you creating your ultimate wedding experience however YOU like. I hope you can feel my excitement to get to know who you are and help create, guide, and capture your dream elopement.

Let’s start YOUR unique way of celebrating marriage and CHOOSE to elope!



I'm sure if you found your way here - we both share the love of exploration. Because I want to always appreciate world culture and travel - I offer elopements ANYWHERE in the world with no extra travel fees.


When you hire me as your elopement photographer, I want to show you I am much more than that. I am here to help envision, create, and be your "wedding tour-guide" and hopefully your new friend too! Remember, this is not just a photoshoot - this is your ULTIMATE day to cherish. (PS I'm also an ordained officiant)


I believe that every person and creature has a unique light to beam. I know that "light" deserves to be captured and shared for a lifetime. This is especially true for your wedding day and what Catching Light Photography stands firm in capturing.


Growing up in Idaho and now living in Oregon, I can't ever remember a week that I didn't explore outside. I love outdoor activities such as; hiking, climbing, fishing, and swimming. So whatever activity you CHOOSE to do - I'll be there adventuring with you!


Not only am I crazy for you - but for your pets too! I am also a Certified Veterinary Technician and love serving our fur babies. I want to provide my knowledge by keeping your pets SAFE if you choose to celebrate with them on your elopement.


One of the most important values of my business, is ensuring that ALL couples are welcome. I am incredibly grateful to live in these recent years where couples can finally say "YES" to the ones they truly love. You will never be excluded here! XOXO

Leave no trace and what it means for elopements

I’m so stoked to photograph your special day in our beautiful World. I started photographing elopements after specializing in landscapes and nature photography. I wanted to bring my love of nature and the outdoors with those couples who felt the same way and wanted that for their wedding day

I am so excited to share this guide with you, which has a ton of helpful things to consider as you plan your outdoor elopement day. Following these principles will help us  keep the amazing location you’ll say “I do” at, looking beautiful for years to come.

We have a huge privilege of being able to access such amazing public lands (National Parks, State Parks, National Forests, Wilderness Areas, BLM lands, etc) as a backdrop for committing your lives to each other. Instead of paying $5-20k+ for a wedding venue, public lands give us the gift of the best venue in the world, for nearly free. 

With that, comes the responsibility for all of us to keep that venue looking amazing, so you two can come back to that spot in 10, 20, or 50 years, and for it to still look and feel the same as when you committed your lives together.

So as I come alongside you and help you plan your day, I’m excited to keep in mind how lucky we are to have such a beautiful planet—I can’t wait to help you two create a beautiful outdoor wedding day that’s as kind to the planet, as it is to us.

To learn more how you can keep our Earth beautiful for years to come click HERE for your completely FREE guide!



Start your dream elopement by contacting me here. Then, we’ll chat about your elopement envision!


Then it’s time to find the perfect time for you to get married – don’t worry you can still book with me if you don’t know when or where!


This is where the magic happens. I will scout for your unique location and activities through personalized questions, receive vendor recommendations, tips/tricks, checklists, and your customized elopement timeline!


AHH! It’s time to travel, experience and and say “I do” to your lifelong partner in your intimate and beautiful space. 


Finally, you will receive your images and customized wedding album, from the most special day in your life – you will have memories to last a lifetime!


Catching Light Photography LLC