Catching Light Photography LLC


A photographer passionate about the outdoors, animals, and love stories.


Call me tour guide Barbie – I’m here more than to just take your photo. I am here to be your ultimate wedding tour guide. I believe that going the EXTRA mile to make your day perfect is what eloping is all about. A day focused solely on YOU! Whether it’s helping you get ready, packing your bouquet, or putting on a happy dance when you say “I do” – I’ll be there! 

There is so much more to your wedding day than just showing up. It’s picking the location, planning the festivities, shopping for attire, packing, traveling, etc! It’s overwhelming just to think about it… But I promise you we will work side-by-side to create your dream destination wedding and have images to cherish for a LIFETIME.

I’m here to cheer and empower you to ditch the “traditions” and DO YOU! Your wedding day can be absolutely PERFECT and tailored to you. You don’t have to have a white dress, a dance, a cake, or first look. You get to pick where you go, what you do, what you wear, and who you want to celebrate with!

I hope you’ll let me be a part of your special day to capture your unique love story. 

Photography Credit: Wesley Aldrich (top), Sarah Stacey (bottom)

I’m Sharlee Sue Pymm & I catch light.

Growing up in the small town of Iona, Idaho, I always loved the beauty that surrounded me. Eastern Idaho is full of wildflowers, sage brush, mountains, and streams. I’m lucky enough to call the near-by National Park of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone my second home. With the never-ending scenery at the grasp of my hands – I immediately became drawn to capturing photos of the nature and creatures that surrounded me. I continued on to photograph landscapes and wildlife for over 5 years. 

As I continued capturing the beauty of the World, I still was photographing engagements and wedding. After my first elopement, I realized that big weddings weren’t for me and I wanted to empower couples to choose how they want to get married – by solely dedicating my photography to elopements. 

Because I LOVE the outdoors, travel, and animals – I wanted to take my background in landscape photography and veterinary technician skills to provide couples with adventurous elopements that prioritize the outdoors and their pets. 

I now reside in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon with my husband, Havanese pup, and hedgehog. We love to hike, swim, climb, fish, road trip, and eat Salt & Straw in our spare time.

I still serve as a Certified Veterinary Technician to fellow fur babies (another passion of mine!) So rest assure that if you want to scale a mountain, road trip down a scenic drive, or have your dog deliver your rings – I got the knowledge and tips for all that!

DISCLAIMER: My husband and I didn’t elope! Although we loved our small, traditional wedding, – we too felt the pressures of what a wedding “should” be. We didn’t realize eloping was even an option! That’s why I want to spread the message of how customized and intimate your wedding can be.  How every moment can be cherished instead of rushed… images captured instead of “posed”… exploring our world instead of trashed..

It’s about time weddings become an adventure – not just photos.

xoxo – Sharlee



If you told me that I would grow up to create images for THE most sacred day in a person’s life – I would have thought you were absolutely crazy! How could anyone ever witness such a special moment for their job?

Because I know how special this moment is between two people, every time I have that privilege to build a relationship with a couple and guide a couple to their wedding adventure – it’s seriously a dream come true. 

After years of discovering my love for landscape photography and engagements sessions – I transitioned to weddings, but something just didn’t spark passion for me. Then, my sister asked me to capture her intimate wedding with just me, my husband, and parents as her only guests.

I couldn’t believe that I was getting the HONOR to witness their marriage and capture the only images they will celebrate for years to come. Since that quaint and quiet ceremony in the forest – I knew what I needed to live for. 

Since then, I’ve ventured out to take my love for the outdoors, travel, and animals to be incorporated for couples weddings alike. To give couples the empowerment to say “NO” to the traditional way and “YES” to how they want to celebrate! 

I truly believe that it is the best way to make your wedding day truly about you TWO. The moments are cherished, not rushed. The photos are real, not posed. The day is an adventure, not a performance.

I’m here to empower you as a couple; to CHOOSE how to get married – to give you the OPTION of ditching the traditional way of weddings. (Because I didn’t!). If a big wedding is for, that’s awesome! But if you feel uneasy, stressed, and confused when someone mentions the word wedding – eloping is probably for you.

When you choose to elope, you’ll receive SO many benefits such as a unique adventure, raw emotions, freedom, and an authentic reflection of your love in your images. 

Let’s start YOUR unique way of celebrating marriage and CHOOSE to elope!


Why is Catching Light different?

Ever seen that “twinkle” in a person’s eye? That’s called a catch light. Photographers seek this reflection of light in the subject’s eyes to make the people in the images feel more alive. I believe that every person, relationship, and create has this twinkle inside themselves as well.

Because I know that this light shines only when you can feel free to be yourself – I will create a personal and authentic wedding adventure for you to always remember. (Beautiful photos are just a perk). I want you to feel alive and full of light on your wedding day. 

“Catching light” is truly about showcasing your special light and love story by providing authentic and meaningful adventures behind those images. Remember, this so much more than a photoshoot. This is your wedding day – a day you will cherish for a lifetime! You deserve this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

You deserve to having an experience catching light with your favorite human, scaling up a mountain or sleeping in a quaint forest – you deserve to be authentically you on your most important day as a couple. 

It’s time weddings were more than just photos. You deserve to have a stress-free and fun ADVENTURE that you will relive every time you cherish your images. Because when it comes down to it, it’s not about what your photos look like – but HOW you feel on your wedding day.