Colored Wedding Dresses: Why you should ditch the traditional way of white!


Beautiful colored wedding dress reflection on a Oregon beach

Not your mother’s wedding dress

Just about every fairy tale princess movie ends with the heroine floating down the aisle in her pristine, white wedding dress…but that definitely doesn’t mean that we all have to choose that traditional look!

Couple dancing on Hug Point Beach wearing a colored wedding dress

Why white?

Hugpoint Beach Elopement

One of the best things about working with so many engaged couples looking forward to their wedding day is how diverse the personalities and styles can be. Some brides go for a more traditional look with classic lines and elegant trains, some white lace and maybe a veil.

Although, I too, had a white dress – that doesn’t mean you HAVE to too!

Other brides veer from the traditional path in lots of different ways, from riding down the aisle on a motorcycle to sharing vows underwater at an aquarium.

One of the most popular detours (and much cheaper than scuba equipment) is mixing up the color of the wedding dress.

Hug Point Beach elopement
Emerald wedding dress worn by adventurous bride

White has been the “standard” wedding color for hundreds of years, first as a symbol for purity, then more and more as a way for the bride to stand out among the guests and bridal party. But it’s not a set in stone rule, and today’s brides are breaking tradition by strutting down their aisles in a whole array of different colors – and no, that doesn’t mean choosing cream instead of ivory.

Color ideas for your wedding dress

elope in Oregon Coast

Rainbow colored wedding dresses might have been controversial in the early eras, but now our modern sisters are wearing all kinds of colors – and rocking it!

Trust me, your grandmother won’t mind a little break with tradition when she sees how stunning you look in that emerald statement piece.

What’s holding you back from shouting your soon-to-be-wedded excitement in a bright pink dress? Or maybe slipping into something a bit more subdued, wowing your loved one with a deep purple or blue shade?

waterfall Oregon elopement
Oregon Coast elopement

Now is your time to finally find the earthy color that makes your green eyes pop, or the golden shade that complements your new highlights.

Some brides are taking Ombre to the next level and having their dress transition in color from top to bottom.

Who said your “Something Blue” can’t be the dress itself?

Oregon elopement

How to choose your color

Beautiful bride showing off her colored wedding dress

Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask around to your local connections. The color wheel has been around a long time and there is a perfect complementing color for everything.

White has never really been the most universally flattering color, so there is no reason why trying something new should be taken off the table.

Ask your partner what they think – What’s their favorite color on you? Maybe you could use one of your favorite date night outfits as inspiration for something original and meaningful.

Maybe dressing up in a purple dress for your wedding itself is a bit too risky for you. Feel free to experiment with different colors for a reception outfit, or maybe go a little edgier in an engagement photo shoot.

A pop of color in a necklace or even the wedding ring itself could add an extra jolt of vibrance as well if that’s more your style.

wedding rings
Intimate elopement on the Oregon Coast

As someone who scrolls through several wedding photo albums a day on social media, I know how refreshing it could be to see a bride or two in a more unique color.

Even a blush, rosy pink could set you apart from the other ladies tying the knot this year, helping you personalize your day even more.

It might take a bit more digging to find a dress in the exact shade you want, but that means more wedding dress shopping with your friends!

Add color to your wedding dress!

Bride ditching white wedding dress for a colored wedding dress

Color brings life and vitality to pictures, which will enhance your wedding experience – as long as you feel that’s you!

My biggest goal is to support whatever wedding dreams you desire. I’m here to empower you to choose what you’ve wanted for you special day.

Overall, my message to you is to DO YOU, DARE. If you want to look sexy as hell in a black, lacy ball gown, who can stop you?

Hug Point Beach elopement
Emerald green wedding dress at Cannon Beach elopement

This is your day. We hope that you feel free to show yourself off every day, but especially on your wedding day when the world is your stage.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself – we can’t wait to see all the beautiful dresses you discover, so please share!

Embracing couple under the moolight wearing an emerald green wedding dress

Make up & hair artist: Shannon Monstera

Freelance Writing: Megan Adams




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